By sharing our life stories with one another, we can discover where our lives intersect. Making connections leads to sparks. Sharing sparks leads to innovation. Unifi is an app proposed as an MVP for Sparkr, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that envisions a world where everyone is a mentor. Unifi brings together like-minded individuals who share similar professional and life interests, into a social platform where they can share experiences and learn from others.

  • Project Type
  • MVP Mobile App
  • Timeline
  • 6 months
  • Client
  • Sparkr
  • Role
  • User Experience
  • Information Architect
  • UI Design
  • Branding + Identity
  • Summary
  • Unifi is a social platform that brings together likeminded individuals seeking inspiration and mentorship.
  • Role
  • User Experience
  • Information Architect
  • UI Design
  • Branding + Identity
Work 1

The journey to Unifi started on a cold night in early July 2014.

Over two weeks, myself and four other colleagues met in the evenings to dream up a technology platform that would be an extension of Sparkr (then OpenDialogues). It would allow people with similar life and career aspirations to find each other. I lead two rounds of an expedited design sprint utilizing Google Ventures’ Design Sprint (inspired by IDEO’s design thinking), producing countless ideas and sketches.

Work 2

Gradually wireframes and a demo was produced.

We further tested our app experience and business model by attending a Startup Weekend event at i-GATE’s Startup Incubator in Livermore, Ca, where we proudly won third place!

Work 3

The application consists of four areas:


A user establishes a Unifi account first by preferably logging in to their LinkedIn account, or by using a valid email address. If LinkedIn is chosen, data is obtained and used to piece together a rudimentary profile for the user.

Profile Creation

A series of concise scoping questions are posed to the user to determine personality and thematic variables. A “Life Story” is built around 5 milestones. AI and an algorithm will match prospective mentors based on this criteria.


The user is then presented with users in his or her social network whose interests, aspirations, and life story milestones align with theirs. They can review each user’s profile, and choose to connect further through Kicking-It.


An online chat platform is available to users who may want to obtain a simple introduction from prospective intersections. They can then proceed to meet outside of the Unifi app if they determine their interest match and a possible mentorship relationship can ensue.

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