Sparkr envisions a world in which Everyone’s a Mentor. Sparkr seeks spark a new approach for mentoring and learning that is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Share Life Experiences. Create Collective Wisdom.

  • Project Type
  • Branding
  • Timeline
  • 4 weeks
  • Client
  • Sparkr
  • Role
  • Director of Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding + Identity
  • Summary
  • Sparkr is the result of a relaunch of an organization called OpenDialogues. In an attempt to rebrand, I created a new logo and voice for the organization.
Work 1

Ideation and mindmapping

Rebranding Sparkr started with mind mapping emotional and empathetic connections to the brand. We identified three tenets that support Sparkr’s ethos:

We engage people everywhere to learn and grow from shared experiences and organic interactions.

We make life learning more accessible to build a culture that values personal growth and interpersonal connections.

Core Value
By learning about each others’ lives, we grow and connect. This is how we make our impact.

Work 1


We created five pillars that signify our brand strategy.

Allow individuals with like minded interests to find commonalities within their communities.

Organic Interactions
Encourage spontaneity to catalyze growth and conversation.

Culture + Progress
Champion career and thought diversity to build and sustain interconnectedness.

Personal Growth
Foster interpersonal growth through reflection and connection.

Cultivate holistic peer-to-peer and peer-to-mentor relationships.

Work 1

We took it a step further and propagated each pillar to develop a clearer brand strategy. We used word association to build a vocabulary map to help direct and inform word tonality and voice. Also, the map helps instill and illustrate themes in our campaigns.

Work 1

We created various forms of digital collateral to introduce our speakers and provide event information. This was distributed across our social networks and was effective in creating a lot of interest.

Work 1